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About Us

At St. Peter’s, dedicated and experienced teachers work cooperatively with students and parents to nurture the academic and spiritual growth of the total child. St. Peter’s prepares students in kindergarten through eighth grade with excellent academic skills and Christian values essential for life. NLSA, MDLSA and MANS Accreditation are unique because, in addition to standards that address educational quality, the school also evaluates its Christ-centered nature, based upon its defined purpose. The spiritual dimension of Lutheran schools is the defining element that sets them apart and makes them a great place to grow.

Accredited by NLSA (National Lutheran School Accreditation) MDLSA (Michigan District Lutheran School Accreditation) and MANS (Michigan Association of Non-public Schools) Like most accrediting processes, NLSA, MDLSA and MANS have established a set of rigorous national standards that demonstrate school quality. Accredited schools must establish that they conform to required standards by completing an exhaustive self-study process. Even after a school has been accredited, school leaders must organize and implement a school improvement plan that provides for ongoing improvement.